Skinner El Dorado Syrah 2019

The Skinner family has a fractured history in winemaking. One that speaks to the ups and downs of the American wine scene. Their great great great grandfather, James Skinner, established one of the first wineries in the country in 1861. After rediscovering their family history, the present-day family set up shop in the same site and began producing California wines that pay homage to the past with sustainable farming and  a minimal intervention approach.

The first pour will unleash a wave of aromas characteristic of Syrah. There’s cured black olives and blue fruits with a light purple flower aroma. In the glass, it looks lighter than your typical Syrah, but still packs that same punch. Waves of blue and black fruit, black olive, and balanced tannins make this an incredible bottle to open with lamb burgers or steak hot off the grill.